Graphic Design

Fishers Most Wanted

This is only just 1 of my projects that evolved into a multitude of creative outlets.

Step 1: Create a comic for a college weekly assignment.

Step 2: Turn that into a live-action Capstone video.

Step 3: Build a website.

Step 4: Never stop creating……


Skills: Photoshop, Illustrator, Sketchwork, Web Design, Video Editing, Creative Writing

Medium: Print, Digital, and Video


Project Info

FMW first started during a “sequential story telling” course during my time at IUPUI, focusing on crafting my life and my friends into comic characters. At first it was a simple assignment; then it morphed into a video project. After that, I couldn’t stop creating more relevant content.

That’s what makes FMW so special. There’s always an opportunity to make something new and exciting.

Client: Myself

Completion: June 2016

Project Type: Graphic Design, Video Editing, Creative Writing, Web Design, Photography

Project Skills

  • 85% Adobe Illustrator
  • 10% Adobe Photoshop
  • 5% WordPress